Another heart is broken, another home so sad
Another message has been sent to his Mom and Dad
Your son was killed in action was the way the message read
Your son will not be coming home, they told me he was dead

They sent him to the Desert*, his heart was young and gay
It's hard for me to realize they'll bring him home this way
His troubles are all over, his work on earth is done
A mother has a purple heart in memory of her son

Just a few short months ago he was here with me
And then they called his number to go across the sea
I still can hear his smiling voice and see his curly head
Oh somehow I just can't believe our baby boy is dead


I know that he is happy in his home up in the sky,
Where he won’t have to fight in wars or see his buddies die.
Jesus now has called him to live with him on high.
I wish I could have seen him, but we’ll meet him by and by.


* or Korea (the original site) or Viet Nam (The Allen Bros. version ) or Afghanistan
** I have not been able to find a version of this song that has this third verse so I can't verify its authenticity.