One morning, one morning, on morning in May
I overheard a married man to a young girl say
"Arise you up, Pretty Katie, and come along with me
Across the Blue Mountain to the Allegheny

"I'll buy you a horse, love, and a saddle to ride
I'll buy me another'n to ride by your side
We'll stop at every tavern and drink when we are dry
Across the Blue Mountain goes Katie and I"

Well, up stepped her mother, in anger she was then
"Daughter, dear daughter, he is a married man
Besides, there's young men a plenty is handsomer than he
Let him take his own wife to the Allegheny"

"Oh mother, dear mother, he's the man of my heart
Wouldn't it be an awful shame for me and my love to part
I'd envy all the women that ever I did see
Across the Blue Mountain to the Allegheny"

Well the last time I seen him, he was saddled to ride
Katie, his darling, was there by his side
A laughing and a singing and happy to be free
Across the Blue Mountain to the Allegheny

We left before daybreak on a buckskin and a roan
Past tall shivering pines where mockingbirds moan
Past dark cabin windows where eyes never see