Geordie's a man I had na seen lately,
I met wi' his brother in toon,
Says I de ye think that he's still off the drink?
Oh nae, he's at it again.

Aye, we telled him, and Aye we warned him,
And aye, he promised but then,
At the turn o' yer back he'd be right off the track,
And noo he's at it again.

I asked him is Geordie still makin' good whisky,
He's prone tae distill noo and then,
He'd been testin' a sup, and near blew hesel' up,
And noo he's at it again.

Geordie's the lad fer coortin' the ladies,
He's tall and handsome but vain.
He wed five or six but they tired of his tricks,
And noo he's at it again.

Instrumental Break

I remember when Geordie discovered the horses,
Then swore no tae back them again.
All his horses got bate, he had divil a' heat,
And noo he's at it again.

The Bailey caught Geordie doon poaching the Salmon,
And after the coort he was ta'en.
But the truth for to tell he'd the rest in his cell,
And noo he's at it again.