Two years we've been fighting though it seems like a hundred
Away to the south there's a home I onece knew
Where mu loved ones are waiting for a word from the Captain
That the battle has ended for the gray and the blue

I left dear old Georgia on the first day of April
The grass in the valley was just turning green
I married my Sally just a week before leaving
We now have a baby that I've never seen

She wrote me a letter that told of our baby
He's just like his daddy is the words that it said
But thats been so long now that it seems like foever
And Lord I'm so homesick I wish I were dead

Atlanta is burning the horizon is flaming
The thunder of cannons in the distance I hear
I think of my Sally and the son that she gave me
If I could just see her and the baby so dear

A bullet has found me and the darkness is falling
The pain is unreal and my body so weak
The Captain is calling but I cannot answer
My thoughts wonder southward as I go to sleep