Well, pack up your clothes, go on and leave, and tell your folks that we are through
Honey that ain't going to make me grieve cause I know just what you'll do
You'll pout and cry and swear that I am the meanest man in town
But I'll bet money that you'll be back before the sun goes down

Before the sun goes down you'll be home ready for some lovin'
You'll run to your daddy for some kissin' and huggin'
And I'll be waitin' around
For I know you'll be home before the sun goes down

Honey there ain't nothing else in the book that you ain't said
All kinds of names and low down things, I've heard them all from A to Z
And when you've had your say you'll up and run away and swear you're leavin' town
But you'll cool off, come a draggin' it back before the sun goes down

* Refrain