I went to see my love, thinking to woo her,
I sat down by her side, not to undo her;
But when I looked on her my tongue did quiver;
I could not speak my mind while I was with her.

Love, here's a diamond ring, long time I've kept it;
All for your sake alone if you'll accept it.
When you this token view, think on the giver;
Madame remember me or I'm undone forever.

Then forth went this brave youth and crossed the ocean.
To free Americay was his intention.
He landed at Quebec with all his party.
The city to attack, both brave and hearty.

Montcalm and this brave youth together walk-ed.
On the plains of Abraham like brothers talk-ed.
Till each one took his post and did retire.
Twas then these numerous hosts commenced their fire.

The drums did loudly beat, with colors flying.
The purple gore did stream, and men lay dying.
Then shot from off his horse, fell that brave hero;
We'll long lament his loss that day in sorrow.

He rais-ed up his head where the guns did rattle.
And to his aid he said,"How goes the battle?"
"Quebec is all our own, they can't prevent it."
He said without a groan, "I die contented."

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