I'll tell you a story 'bout a burgler beau who went to rob a house,
He crept in at the window, as silent as a mouse
He thought of all the money he'd get as under the bed he lay
and all at once he saw a sight that made his hair turn grey!
The old maid she entered the room "I am so tired" she said.
And thinking everything alright, she never looked under the bed
She pulled out her teeth and a big glass eye and a wig from off her head
The burglar had 99 fits and came from under the bed
The old maid, she wasn't sleepy a bit, so she grabbed him around the neck
she said "Man if you don't marry me, I'll blow off the top a yo head"!
He didn't scream nor holler very loud cause he had no place to scoot.
He looked at the wig and the big glass eye and said
"madam for God's sake, SHOOT!"