BMI Work #: 8643016
Bury Me With My Boots And Spurs (Larry W. Jones 01/21/2007) (song#4343)

Darlin', hold me closely to your breast
Just as you did in sunny days gone by
Let me slumber now and go on to my rest
Darlin', please don't let me see you cry

My life, sweetheart, is swiftly falling
And there's one request I must confer
When I have ended all life's calling
Please bury me with my boots and spurs

Darlin', from the first I have loved you
And you know that we've never been apart
A blush of rose still warms your cheek too
As lovely as it was right from the start

The west Texas wind is blowing colder
Please grant my request that I prefer
Just let my head rest on your shoulder
And bury me with my boots and spurs

The cowboy crossed the darkened valley
Where the breath and life of all men go
His ride through life found its finale
Where he now sleeps beneath the rose

By the rocky trail the cowboy's resting
Decorated by a garland that was hers
A cowgirl's love was his daily blessing
She buried him with his boots and spurs