Carter Family

You may wash my jumper babe
Starch my overalls
I'm going to ride that train
That they call the Cannon Ball
From Buffalo down to Washington

Yonder comes the train, babe
A-running down the track
Takin' me away, but it will not bring me back
My honey-babe, my blue-eyed gal

Oh now I'm down here crying
Cause she's gone
Feeling like dying
'Cause she's gone
She's a-solid gone

Well you know my baby left me,
Even took my shoes
Enough to give a man the dog-gone weary blues
'Cause she's gone
She's a-solid gone

Yonder comes that train now
A-whistling round the curve
A-whistling and a-blowing, babe
Straining every nerve
'Cause she's gone
She's a-solid gone


Some days I'm happy
Sine days I'm blue
Some days I feel so bad I don't know what to do
'Cause she's gone
She's a-solid gone

Going up north, going up north next fall
If my luck don't change
I won't be back at all
My honey-babe, I'm a-leaving you


Repeat first verse


Arr. Bruce Phillips

Starch my old collar, wash my coveralls,
I'm gonna ride that train they call the Cannonball,
From Washington to Buffalo.

See that train a-coming, yonder round the bend,
To carry me away and I ain't coming back again
Goodbye babe, I'm leaving you.

My baby left me, she even took my shoes,
That's enough to give a man those lowdown worried blues,
Baby's gone, she's solid gone.

I'm going up North, going up North this fall,
If my luck don't change, ain't coming back at all.
Goodbye babe, my blue-eyed babe.