Cherokee Shuffle Lyrics
Susan Nikas

Verse (2 A parts)
Well the days are growing short and the nights are long,
And the crops are almost in
Summer is over and fall is here
And the harvest is near an end
So we'll harness up the horse and cart
Head on into town
Join the dancers in their best
As they do-see-do around

Chorus (2 B parts)
We’ll dance all night to the Cherokee fiddle
With the banjo ringing clear
Do-see-do to the fiddle and the bow
Forget that winter's near, forget that winter's near
Cherokee shuffle is my favorite tune
As we two-step round the floor
We'll dance all night, til the broad daylight
And beg for just one more, beg for just one more

Verse (2 A parts)
Well there's no time for dancing round
and holding each other near
When you work from sun to sun
and harvest time is here
But the autumn wind’s blowin’ crisp and clear
It's the changing of the year
The barn is full and the wood is cut
and dancing time is here