There's a quiet and peaceful county in the state of Tennessee
You will find it in the book they call Geography
Not famous for its farming, its mines, or its stills
But they know there's chittlin' cookin' in them cheatham county hills

When it's chittlin' cookin' time in cheatham county
I'll be courtin' in them cheatham county hills
And I'll pick a cheatham county chittlin' cooker
I've a longin' that the chittlin's will fill

There's an art in chittlin' cookin' and all good chittlin cookin' cooks
Can only be mastered by practice cause it ain't wrote down in books
In the hills of cheatham county in sunny Tennessee
When chittlin's are in season is where I long to be

Of all good things there could be for me
I think chittlin's are the best
And when I press that dying pillow
Let chittlin's by my last request

* Refrain