There is blood upon the mountain
And the wind is rising higher
Plunging through the darkness
Colly Davis makes his way
There's a dead girl left behind him
And he swears they'll never find him
Though he's lost his knife and lighter
In the brush along the way

Now a light rain start a falling
Like the sound of voices calling
They found her car back off the road
With Sally Jean inside
And the word goes to her cousins
That it's time to go out hunting
But the sheriff wants to stop us
So you'd best just take a knife

They work back from the police
Cause they know he wants to reach there
But this ain't police business
Up on White Oak Hill tonight
It's their own he left behind him
It's their own know how to find him
And he'll never hear a footstep
And he'll never see a light

Colly Davis runs the mountain
And he twisits his foot and cries out
And curses in the darkness
And turns at every sound
There's a blue police light flashing
On the higher ground above him
But it might as well be Heaven
With her kinfolk all around

Now the sheriff wants some coffee
And he tells the men to call him
But they nod to each other
That the killer got away
And the sheriff he just glances
He knows they'll never answer
Oh where is Colly Davis
And his shallow mountain grave

* Refrain