Come all you tender hearted
Your attention I will call
I'll tell you how it started
Come listen one and all

Last Wednesday night, there was a light
Seen shining on a hill
A mother and with all her might
While every thing was still

She went into a neighbors house
Some hundred yards away
She set down to tolk to them
But she did not mean to stay

Don't stay too long dear mother there
For we'll be lonesome here
I'll get some liniment she said
Then I'll return again

But when she started home again
Her house was in a flames
She cried Oh Lord my babies are gone
And I'm the one to blame

She cried alas how sad they sleep
Wrapped up in a red hot flame
She bursted all asunder then
And the flames rolled over her head

Her little ones lay on the ground
They both lay face to face
Each other did entwine
Each other did enbrace