New York City years ago tourist in the rain
Singing on a swing shift for pennies
Thinking about the bayou, cajun river song
Almost got my broke in Texas

It's been a long, long, long way
I've go some more to go
Don't look at my shadow, it's behind me
It's been a long, long, long way
Thirty-two years or so
I'm thinking about my past quite amusing

Purple peacock, honky tonk, Eunice, Louisiana
Bourbon whisky free son just tune up the piano
Well I played in clubs in New Orleans
Bringing home a dollar
College boys drink beer throw the bottle

* Refrain

L.A.Forum, Sports Arena, 20,000 fans
I'm glad you've come to listen
I've got to give you everything I can
Well, I've always tried to play my music
I played it best I could
I hope you out there in the crowd can hear me good

* Refrain

You know California dreamin' Lord
It put me down for good
Colorado, Rocky mountains, saved my senses