Little sweetheart we have parted
For each other we must go
Many miles may separate us
In this world of care and woe
But I can't forget the promise
That you made me in the lane
When you said we'd be together
When the roses bloom again

Down among the budded roses
I am nothing but a stem
I have parted from my darling
Never more to meet again
But I treasure dear, you promise
That you'll meet me in the lane
Where we'll always be together
When the roses bloom again

Now this parting gives me sorrow
And it almost breaks my heart
Tell me darling will you love me
When we meet, no more to part
Or will this parting be forever
Will there be no coming day
When our hearts will be united
And all sorrows pass away

Darling, meet me up in heaven
That's my true and earnest prayer
If you love me here on earth dear
Then I'm sure you'll over me there
There our hearts will be united
Free from ever pain and care
In the land of life eternal
In that city bright and fair