Down in the valley the valley so low
Hang your head over and hear the wind blow

Little Willie's my darling little Willie's my dear
If you think I don't love her got a feelish idear

She wrote me one letter she sent it by mail
She sent it in care of the Washington jail

Gonna build me one steeple on the mountain so high
So I can see Willie passin' on by

She said that she loved me just to give my heart ease
Just as soon as my back was turned she loved who she pleased

I repped on her window I knocked on her do
She gave me short answer don't knock there no mo

Sitting in the prison with my back to the wall
Old corn whiskey was the cause of it all

The judge said Stand up George and dry up your tears
You're sentenced to Raleigh for twenty two years

If I had of listened to what mother said
I'd a been there today boys in her feather bed