Henry Jankiewicz

Einstein was a genius, not like you and me.
He wrote two equations every day.
On mondays he wrote three.
On mondays, he wrote three.

Albert, dance around.
Albert, be profound.
Albert let your hair stick out,
Your socks hang down.

A man stared through a telescope until his eyes were red.
He stared in outer space and saw
The back of his own head.
The backside, of his head.

A Man got in a spaceship and flew a hundered miles.
Busted through the speed of light.
He came back a child.
He came back a child.

I had a frame of reference.
I laid on the fence.
Along came relativity.
I haven't seen the damn thing since.
Seen the damn thing since.

A wave and a particle were walking side by side.
One said to the other,
"Which one of us am I?"
"Which one, of us am I?"

Einstein had a fiddle. He loved to {shout,dance} and sing.
Man if that ain't genius,
That ain't anything.
That ain't anything.