Author: Fred J. Eaglesmith
Artist: Fred Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels
Recording: Live: Ralph's Last Show

While traveling on the train one morning, just to take a ride
The car was full I did not know who I sat down beside
Then she said, it’s been a long time, I felt my blood run cold
For there beside me sat the girl who turned my heart to stone

She said she was sorry for what she’d done, she was starting life a new
And though she’d told me many times before, this time I believed it was true
So I took her to a parlor car, I got down on my knees
And as I held her in my arms she said she’d marry me

A little cabin in the countryside,
Curtains and fancy frills
A little girl with dark brown eyes
And flowers in the dell, in the dell
And flowers in the dell


The train pulled into the Lincoln Station; I reached to help her down
But she ran into another man’s arms as soon as her feet touched the ground
Then she turned and looked and I heard her laugh for the whole wide world to see
And as she turned I reached and grabbed her before she could walk away

The whistle blew, I heard her scream, I’ll hear it to my dying day
And as she struggled I turned and threw her beneath the wheels of the train
The Judge he said ninety nine years granted no parole
They put me in a cell in shackles and chains and nailed up the door

Repeat Chorus

In the dell, and flowers in the dell