As I sit here alone with my memories
Thinking back to the years long ago
To the pine covered hills down in Georgia
And the sweet girl that I used toknow
She was young and in love with my only
I was footloose and foolish I guess
So I wondered right out of her sweet Georgia heart
And the fact that I'm lonely tells the rest

How I miss my Georgia girl today
How I miss the pine woods
And the red hot Georgia clay
I miss my simple life, so many miles away
How I miss my Georgia girl today

There's a moon shining bright on my doorstep
Like I've seen shining bright in her eyes
But it's cold here in Feirbanks, Alaska
And I shilver thougt the long winter night
Fifteen years have slipped through my fingers
I'm forgetten I know by this time
But I'd walk through the snow
Down to Georgia in the cold
If I through she'd be waiting this time

* Refrain