I've been around this world a lot, I've had a lot of fun
I'm sometimes in the money and I'm sometimes on the bum
I've had my share of loving with the women, I have a way
But last night in a country town things turned the other way

I walked up to a pretty girl, I thought I'd have my way
For she had lots of smiles for me but not a word to say
I took her boldly by the hand with a heart so light and gay
When I rose up off the ground these words I heard her say

Get lost, drop dead, begone you wolf I say
What makes you think that you're so cute, you're getting in my way
I've been around a bit my lad and I ain't no one's fool
Get lost, drop dead, begone you wolf, you're nothing but a fool

What makes you think you're cute my lad as if no one could see
Why, you've got hay seed in your hair, you're bending at the knees
I'm telling you you're just a fool, you'd better be on your way
I turned around, my head dropped down, once more I heard her say

* Refrain