Martha Adcock

1. In the shelter of the mountain I will rest my weary burdens
I will cling to the rock of my soul
I will stay right there with Jesus and I'll live for Him alone
For He washed away ma sins and made me whole

Ch. Gonna get there soon gonna be a river to cross
Gonna get there soon ain't gonna let my soul be lost
Gonna get there soon whatever the cost
Then I'll follow Him I'll get across

2. There is lightning on the mountain there is thunder in the hills
There is fury in the heaven but my Lord is ever still
There is storm upon the waters and I can't see through the clouds
But I know He shows the way and always will


3. Jesus always brings the sunshine and He leads us to the day
He will keep us from the darkness He protect us when we stray
If we trust His hand to guide us and entreat Him when we pray
He will surely lift us up and show the way


Then I'll follow Him I'll get across

THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN - The Classic Country Gents Reunion