well moma said " Son before you go
There's something I want you to do
Promise me that you won't go wrong
As you travel down Highway 52 "

I am sittling on the banks of the Ohio river
Sun rise kisses the dew
Fox hounds run and the steam boat roll
I'm sitting there on highway 52

High in the hills old West Virginia
Kentucky painted so blue
My road maps out, my shoes are made for walking
I'll be walking down old highway 52

From the old Queen City to New Boston town
Ironton and old Hanging rock
I've made ever stop, I've played every station
While travelin' there on Highway 52

So tell me my love, oh tell me my darlin'
What are you going to do
If you don't love me or care about me
I'll be headin' on down highway 52

* Refrain

You when it comes time for me to go
I'll hang up my old walkin' shoes
For the last old ride in that big white car
As they haul me down old highway 52

* Refrain