(You Gotta Quick Kickin' My Dog Around)


Once me & Lem Briggs and ol' Bill Brown,
We took us a load of corn to town.
My old Jim dog, the ornery cuss,
He just naturally follered us.

As we drove past the general store,
A passel of yaps came out the door.
Old Jim stopped to smell of a box,
They shot at him a bunch of rocks.

Everytime I go to town,
The boys keep kickin' my dog around.
It makes no difference if he is a hound,
They've gotta quit kickin' my dog around.

They tied a can to his tail,
And ran him past the county jail.
That plumb naturally made me sore.
Lem, he cussed, and Bill he swore.

Well, me Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown,
Lost no time in hoppin' down.
We whupped them town ducks up on the ground
For kickin' my old Jim dog around.


Jim seed his duty thar and then.
He lit right into those gentlemen.
He sure messed up the courthouse square,
with rags and meat and hide and hair.


Notes: Campaign song of James Beauchamp "Champ" Clark, senator from
Missouri, during his campaign for U.S. President in 1912. See "Champ
Clark", as well as the fiddle tunes "Sally Ann" and "Great Big Taters
in Sandy Land".