I met my boy down in the hills
That gave my lonely heart a thrill
His beauty seemed just like a breath of spring
And when I looked into his eyes
I thought it bright as summers skies
as when I held his hand in mine
I heard the bluebirds sing

They sang of wondering (Wondering what the loves mean)
Will he love me (love me if you'll ask him?)
Will his heart be (heart be true
For him for)
for then and evermore?

And when he's lonely, (lonely is he near him)
When there's sadness
(Sadness will him cheer him)
Will they always
(Always be together)
until the day they part?

I crushed him for years on
Until he’d laid our gathering down
We planned on all the mountains in the spring
All through the long cold winter months
It seemed that spring would never come
And every gloomy winter day
I heard the bluebirds sing
They sang of waiting, (waiting for the flowers)
And of counting, counting every hour
Till the bluebirds,
(bluebirds chirps his welcome and tips the world each morn)

And though I’m waiting, (waiting for the sunshine)
I keep hating, (hating every storm cloud)
That has gathered, (gathered o’round the mountains)
To keep us for apart

And when at last spring touched the earth
he buried all the vulner’ pulse
Our time together had just floated by
So many years have come and gone
My regret is still as true and strong.
As I found it longer ago
still the bluebird sing

They chirps of loses (loses of my flower)
and of crying (cryin’ about my flower)
and of counting (counting every hour)
Till the blue bird
(opens up my world and his surroundings)

8)I moved the heaven and the earth
Until we would be reunite
I listened up my hole true pulse
I would tolded him this thousand times
though felt in fear of broken hearts
but still the bluebird sing

I loved you always (always tried to love you)
Do you love me? (love me from the inside)
I do like you(liking is not loving)
Would you dare me? (dearing is too painful)
I will always( always be your garder)
Until the end of lives

We relived each as a friend, as it was the first time.
We planned on a never ending time.
All through this long called hugging time it seems that death would never come
As when I found it longer ago, still the bluebirds sing

They sang of friendschip (friendschip of my flower)
That in honest (honest to each other)
I was loving (loving him for always)
As since the day we’ve found.

though they’d discovered(discovered of each other)
Mountains will be never(never ending story)
Live’s a circle(circle for the storys)
Until the end of pain