I once had a love and I loved her so well
And I hated all others who spoke of her ill
And now she's rewarded me well for my love
For she's gone and she's wed another

And I saw my love up to the church go
With bride and bridesmaidens she made a fine show
And I followed on with my heart full of woe
For she's gone and she's wed another

I saw my love as she sat down to dine
I sat down beside her and poured the wine
And I thought on the lass who should have been mine
She's gone and she's wed another

All the men in the forest they ask it of me
"How many strawberries grow in the salt sea?"
And I answer them with a tear in my eye
"How many ships sail in the forest?"

So dig me a grave and dig it so deep
And cover it over with flowers so sweet
And I'll lay me down for to take a long sleep
And maybe in time I'll forget her