(Tune: just like “Act Naturally” only different)

I’m playing Bluegrass for the Navy
They’re gonna make a big star just for me.
I know I’m gonna end up a Rear Admiral.
And all I do is pick, naturally.

I’m gonna get to go first in the chow line
And the Boatswain’s Mate won’t make me swab the head.
My banjo brass is all I’ll have to polish.
I got a permanent light duty chit instead.

Oh, I’m playing Bluegrass for the Navy
I hang out with Blue Angels now and then.
And the reverb’s outstanding in the shower
Where we practice after lights out, after ten.

With my banjo in my seabag, I’ll ship over.
The Chief, he promised me all bottom racks.
I ‘ll prob’ly be a Lifer for the bennies,
Like free dental, linen, and fart sacks.

I’m Playing Bluegrass for the Navy
I’ll let those sorry sweepers man the brooms.
I’ll skate fire-watch and sea-duty.
I’ll spend my hitch in TV show green rooms.

Spoken, and fade out, “Sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms,
There will be a clean sweep down fore and aft, all ladders, decks, and passageways….”.

As you were, sailor.