Recorded Reference
Artist: Dudley Connell and Don Rigsby
Title: Meet Me By The Moonlight
Company: Sugar Hill

A meeting is a pleasure and a parting is grief
But a false hearted lover is worse than a thief
A thief can but rob you then take what youíve saved
But a false hearted loveríll take you to your grave

Iím Troubled, Iím Troubled Iím Troubled in mind
If trouble donít kill me Iíll live a long time

A grave will decay you and turn you to dust
Ainít a girl in a million that a poor boy can trust
Sheíll hug you shell kiss you and tell you more lies
Than the crossties on the railroad or the stars in the skies


Iím goin to Georgia, Iím goiní to Rome
Iím goiní to Georgia, gonna make it my home
Gonna build me a cabin on a mountain so high
Where the wild birds and turtle doves can hear my sad cry.

CHO. / Instrumental / CHO x 2