We wandered beneath the shadows of the pine my love and I

While the winds were blowing gently o'er the sea

Then a sad and fateful darkness strolled across the stormy sky

And a shadow came between my love and I

You ask me for those letters taht you wrote so long ago

But for them I could not give to you my dear

Let me keep them to remember of those days of long ago

Let my keep them to remember you my dear

Come back to me sweetheart and love me as before

Beg, beg to me sweetheart and leave me never more

For life's dark pathway the sun no longer shines

Come love and meet me in the shadows of the pain

You took the ring I gave you not one glance you cast at me

As you held the jewel twinkling in your hand

And then you turned and cast it in the waters of the sea

While the waves were splashing idly on the sand

* Refrain