I traveled alone, upon this lonesome way
My burdens so heavy, and dark was my day
I looked for a friend, not knowing that He
Had all the time, been looking for me

Now, it is Jesus and me, for each tomorrow
For every heartache, and every sorrow
I know that I can depend, upon my new found friend
And so till the end, it’s Jesus and me

The road may be long, to Heaven’s pearly gates
I know that it’s narrow, and I know that it is straight
But Jesus is there, through eternity
We’ll travel along, just Jesus and me
Forever I’ll sing, of his great love for me
Forever I’ll tell it, on land and on sea
I’ll stay by his side, contented I’ll be
For all of my life, it’s Jesus and me
*When the weather is nice, we step out and go strolling
But when it gets too hot, we like to go bowling
When you’re not in the sun, life sure can be fun
You can drop by and see, it’s Jesus and me
*We joke back and forth, clean sub-jects – nothing coarse
Like he might say, "Luke, use the force
He’s the brother - that I never had
He says “Knock it off squirt - or I’m telling dad"
So it’s.. Chorus
* But the best thing for me is his singing and dancing
He swings his long hair and beard, his robes flow entrancing
Though he wears sandals, he taps, and his songs are like raps
It’s really something to see, that’s Jesus and me.

Chorus (2)