Ian Tyson

Night clouds race the rolling moon
All across and down the winter sky,
Leave the wake of distant star
Cold, shining down on you and I
But the fire kept it's glowing
And it warmed the shadows on the wall--
January morning

Candles danced and trembled
As the music swirled them to and fro
We dreamed of times forgotten
Old songs and stories that we know.
Home from all our weary traveling
Leaving sorrows on the road behind--
January morning

These are moments apart, my friend,
Known only to you and I.
For old friends and lovers
Have no need to talk
Of the now and the where and the why

Skys streak to yellow
The stars and firelight slowly die.
Weariness from laughter
The music's flashing, soaring ride
That swept us to a wonderous world
And it left us gazing at a new--
January morning


Repeat third verse