As I went down to the huckleberry picnic
Dinner all over the ground
Skeppers in the meat was nine foot deep
And the green flies walking all around
The biscuits in the oven was a-baking
Beefsteak frying in the pan
Petty gal sitting in the parlour
Lord God A'mighty, what a hand I stand

Whoa there, mule, I tell you
Miss Liza, you keep cool
I ain't got time to kiss you now
I'm busy with this mule

My uncle had an old mule
His name was Simon Slick
Bove anything I ever did see
Was how that mule could kick
Went to feed that mule one morning
And he met me at the door with a smile
He backed one ear and he winked one eye
And he kicked me half a mile

* Refrain