BMI Work #: 9156169
Letter Bordered In Red (Larry W. Jones 10/03/2007) (song#5038)

I was sitting at my table Monday
With no care and everything going well
When I saw the postman coming my way
And he was a happy guy, I could tell

He rang the bell and waited patiently
I opened the door to, Good Morning Fred
I wondered what this delivery could be
He gave me a letter bordered in red

The writing was on Mama's page of blue
I slowly read the words dear Mama said
Come home son, your dear old Mama needs you
Come home son, your dear old Papa is dead

Papa's last words said don't be forsaking
To return home son, from the paths you tread
Now son, your old Mama's heart is breaking
As I send this letter bordered in red

To my sorrow Papa had passed away
Any joy in my life seemed to have fled
When the postman brought this letter Monday
That said, come home son, your Papa is dead

Many harsh words when I left were spoken
If I could only take them back instead
Apologies for a tie that's broken
I write in a letter bordered in red