BMI Work #: 8621613
Lost River (Larry W. Jones 01/10/2007) (song#4311)

Warm June night
Bright starlight
Lost river, where are you flowing to

The night is warm in June
Starlight is shining brightly too
How can they take happiness from you

Must you flow as in days gone by
Lost river, must your waters sigh

Why are you so melancholy, never jolly
Lost river, lost river
Do you hold dreams in store
Or have they gone down river evermore

You remind me of lips I've kissed, no more exists
Lost river, lost river
Once my hopes flowed with dreams
But now I know they're lost somewhere downstream

When your lonesome flow comes into view
There's something wrong, I always knew
Lost river, lost river
It's because I feel just as lost as you