E. Barrett / F. Cunningham (Acuff-Rose, BMI)

Maybe once in a lifetime
You may find that perfect love
The kind that lives forever
A gift from up above
And then an unkind word you say
Or a careless love affair
Can leave a scar that you can't hide
And you're too hurt to care.

Love is a lonely street
For those who go astray
Its paved with broken hearts
That someone threw away
The'll walk with memories
The bitter and the sweet
Sorrow their destiny
Love is a lonely street

There are times you shouldn't dare
To grant your heart it's wish
For heartaches come so easy
When you're hungry for a kiss
And you can't see the dangers
Of sweet arms that hold you tight
Love is so blind when you are blue
And wrong can seem so right


Ref: Tom Rozum
Dog Boy Records