BMI Work #: 8490018
Many Years Ago (Larry W. Jones 10/28/2006) (song#4097)

Many years ago I told you that I love you
When you placed your little hand in mine
Through the many years you've loved me too
You have always been my warm sunshine

Many years ago we built a castle
With walls so strong they never fell apart
Love withstood every kind of hassle
And our life is still a lovely work of art

Many years ago I knew, dear
That life would bring its big and heavy loads
And if it were not for you, dear
I could not have walked life's bumpy roads

Before you came I used to walk the floor
The flame of love I truly didn't know
But you came and opened up love's door
And it's the same as many years ago

Many years ago I called you sweetheart
And I still call you sweetheart now
When you're in my arms, the feeling starts
Just like the day we said our vows

Many years ago in the Springtime
I gave to you a sweet bouquet
Loving you has been the sweetest time
Many years ago just like today