Tom Rush / Trevor Veitch

Way up north by the ice bound ocean
I was born, I was born.
Way up north in the Merrimac county.
That's my home, that's my home.

When I was younger and in my schooling
I walked the mountains made of stone.
The distance sang about tomorrow,
And I did wish I was grown and gone.

And as I grew indeed I rambled
Out along the open road.
There I learned the rainbow circle.
It's truly said that's a sign of storm.

Now I'm older my dreams they wander
Far away in yesterday.
I'm going home to the Merrimac county.
And find the grass that hides my grave.

So let the birds fly down the valley.
Let the storms roam on the sea.
I was born to the rainbow circle.
Stormy mountain, that's home to me.

Note: Many listing use the spelling "Merrimack".