David Olney

I started out with one lone dollar
gambled with a man and I won me another
bought me a gun and I robbed my brother
I'm bad but I don't care boys
gonna be a millionaire

I hopped on a ship and I sailed on the waves
dealt in rum and I dealt in slaves
Left my captain in a watery grave
I'm bad but I don't care boys,
gonna be a millionaire

How many of you want to see me dead
How many of you want to have my head
how many of you just live your lives
wishing you were me, boys
wishing you were me

I married rich a pretty little wife
brought her misery ev'ry day of her life
she slit her wrist with a silver knife
but you can't blame that on me boys
the money belongs to me

I found myself in a good position
to buy myself a cheap politician
bought myself a big election
that's just how it went boys
now I own a president


When you say your prayers down on your knees
ask the Lord to forgive you please
if it crosses your mind say one for me
cause I know where I'm bound boys
I know where I'm bound

Repeat First Verse