Lester Flatt

And I'll thank him until the day I die for my little girl’s little girl
I sure have made a lot of friends over the past few years by making my living with a song.
Although I love my work very much I’ve had to spend a lot of time away from home
But there is one thing above everything else that really sets my heart a whirl and
That’s coming home and spending time with my little girl’s little girl

I’ve made her my regular fishing buddy and she’s into something all the time
and she squeals every time she sees a worm and she’s always getting tangled up in the line
but we don’t fret done if we don’t catch none cause we’re in our own little world
I can’t even thank the Lord enough for my little girl’s little girl

I guess at nighttime When I tuck her in bed is one of my truly greatest joys
cause she always winds up by telling me some of the wildest bedtime stories
The next morning she’ll wake up and tell me what we did last night in her little dream world
Then my whole day started out happy by my little girl’s little girl

Last week I took her to Sunday school and when they asked her who was the greatest man of all
She threw back her little shoulders and said why that’s my PAPA
And you know I can’t help but lover her more than anything else in the world
Because times like this that I stand ten feet tall because of my little girl’s little girl

Now I thank the Lord for making me the happy man that I am today
cause I’ve got everything that I’ve ever dreamed of and I am just plain flat happy all the way
The good Lord has shared me with many many gifts
but one of the greatest gifts of all
is when my little girl’s little girl HUGGS my neck and says I love you PAPA