Dark is the evening, silent the hour,
Oh who is that minstrel by yonder lone tower?
Whose heart is so tenderly touching with skill,
Oh who could it be, but young Ned of the hill?
Who sings lady love, will you come with me now?
Come and live out with me, under the bough.
I'll pillow your head, where the light faeries tread,
If you will but wed with young Ned of the hill.

Young Ned of the hill, has no castle nor hall,
No bowmen nor spearmen to come at his call,
But one little archer, or exquisite skill,
Has shot a bright shaft for young Ned of the hill.
It is hard to escape from this young lady's power,
For high is the castle, and guarded the tower,
But the mind knows the way, where the heart falls the will,
And time is gone, with young Ned of the hill.