Al Silverman / Austin Delone

If I hadn't grown with you
And if half my life has been spent
When we came together
Would it have been different
Are there any more like yu
I know I've asked before
I'm sure there're quite a few like me
Why should I be different

Is it true that there's just one for one
Like I've been told

It's so hard to tell truth from lies
With young eyes of innocence
The glass slipper, the prince's kiss
They make no difference
I thought I knew what I knew
I thought I knew what they meant
Sold so soon, too late I realize
A meaning so differnt.


The highway ends at the iron fence
Where the deisel trucks march by
The sounds of living can make no sense
When they make no difference.
Wooden boxes, cars of chrome,
Hollow faces beneath the stone.
And all of the blank ones on their way home
I see no difference