Now mommy and daddy, they live down the street
They will go out drinking, when they put me to sleep
I set there and cry because we've never been fed,
I could break out a window, i'd rather be dead

Cold winds a blowing, Oh the wind it howls
My mother and dad, they're lost in the crowd
They will even spend money on whiskey instead
I'd break out a window for one loaf of bread

A place is prepared in Heaven on high,
Where little children of God have no need to cry
Oh when I am gone Lord, let it be said
I thank you dear Lord for this one loaf of bread

Three little graves just outside of town,
Where a family in prayer all gathered around
To gaze at a stone, these words they have read
They break no more windows, they steal no more bread,

I beggied an I cried for the other kids sake
Not a penny or nickel or a dime could I make.
A little light shone bright off a stone up ahead,
I broke out a window for one loaf of bread.