John Prine

Rain came down on a tin roof.
Hardly a sound was left from the birthday party.
The kitchen light fell asleep on the bedroom floor.
Me and her were talking softer,
And all the time before I lost her
A picture set on a chest of drawers.

One red rose in the Bible,
Pressed between the holy alphabet.
Probably wouldn't believe you if you told me,
Cause what I never knew I never can forget.

Rainy nights get dark real early.
Her dress was soft; her hair was curly.
We danced around the table to the old banjo.
Rainy nights are made for lovers.
We lay so still beneath the covers,
And I swear I ain't never felt like that before.


Nights of laughter. Days of sorrow.
Looking backward from tomorrow,
Everything is easier to see.
Though she always let it show,
It seems I was the last to know
The reddest rose of all was her and me.


Original lyrics by John Prine, additional third verse lyrics by Walt Hultgren.