BMI Work #: 8970954
Osage Route (Larry W. Jones 06/25/2007) (song#4738)

She rolled into sight a mile up the track
Working up steam with her brake shoes slack
Her whistle moaned when at the whistle post
Stopping at the station like a lonesome ghost

Old John heard the roar on the polished steel
Of steam drivers pounding on six big wheels
The flanges made a screech on ribbons of rail
As she rolled along west on the prairie trail

- instrumental -

Old John got ready and he took a chance
He climbed aboard to do the hobo's dance
He reached up high for the end door pin
Opened up the door and Old John climbed in

Old John didn't bother with counting sheep
He just crawled on in and went fast asleep
The whistle moaned as she high balled out
With Old John headed west on the Osage Route