Author: Ruby Moody
Artist: The Cathedrals
Album: Master Builder

One morning past daybreak
A crowd slowly gathered
They were walking my Lord up
Calvary's Hill
So sad was the scene there
That the birds hushed their singing
Like a lamb He was humble
To His Father's own will

I want to thank Jesus
For the plan of salvation
And to say, "Lord, I love you.
For you understand"
And I want to be there on
That great judgement morning
Just to kiss all the nail prints
In His feet and his hands

As the hill was ascended
The nails were then driven
In the hands that had given
Such mercy to me
And the blood from His side flowed
Like a river from heaven
A river that washed me
And made my soul clean


Alternate Verse:
On the cross as he hung there
In shame and forsaken
As they drove those crude nails in
His feet and his hands
As his eyes closed in death his
Cry went to Heaven
Saying Father forgive them
For they know not what they do.