Peter Stampfel

Take me back to Random Canyon, where the gryphons always gryphon,
And the unicorn is horny in the Spring,
Where the crystal coyote calls over sleepy garden walls,
And the Wireless Wombat wanders on the wing (x2)

By my mislocated mesa with my counterfeit contessa,
Who is secretary for the local grange.
And the psychedelic sage keeps the cattle in a rage,
And the changing range is getting mighty strange (x2)

I'm a Random Canyon Dan, and I'll mess with any man,
Who denies that Random Canyon is the best.
You won't find a canyon greater either side of the equator
Random Canyon is the glory of the West (x2)

I believe I'll never leave, and I'll never have to grieve,
When I get back to that canyon that I love.
*Other canyons aren't as deep, and their walls incline too seep,
You can take your other canyons and go shove (x2).

* Alternate lyrics: Other canyons aren't as neat, and their walls inclined to seep,

Recorded by the Holy Modal Rounders, founded by Peter Stampfel and
Stever Weber in the early '60's. Also recorded by Dave Van Ronk on
"Van Ronk" (Polydor 24-4052).