It's rough old road I'm travelin' wading knee deep in the blue
Everytime I think I'm winning I find out I only lose
Well I've learned a lot of lessons that they never taught in school
Cause this rocky road I travel is a road that's walked by fools

On this road are wine and women, life is just a game of chance
You can't eat your cake and have it, you pay the piper when you dance
I've been cheatin on my baby, I've been breakin' all the rules
So I'm headin' now for heartaches on this road that's walked by fools

If you're on this lonesome highway and your heart is sorrow bound
Someday like me you'll find out there's no place to turn around
Better walk that straight and narrow and live by the Golden Rule
Or some day like me they'll find you on this road that's walked by fools