Lots of folks, all shades and hues
Strollin down Peachtree Avenue
Atlanta ticks,
Slippin' in the grits.

Spoonbread, fatback, blackeyed peas,
Pickled okra, sweetened iced tea.
Some chitlin bits,
And a side of grits.

Folks who're born here move across the nation.
Folks from elsewhere pack the Marta station.
Grit sensation.

Pickup trucks and beehive hair,
Tattooed ladies in vintage wear.
All lifestyles fit,
With a dose of grits.

Peachtree, Hartsfield, Charlie Brown,
Marta railways straight to downtown,
All traffic sits,
With an overload of grits.

Jalpeno grits (beat, beat)
Gorgonzola grits (beat, beat)
Slippin' in the grits.