Spring time in dear old Dixie
Is the time I love the best
I've roamed the whole world over
And it's my pick from all the rest
Where the apple bossoms blooming
And the air so fresh and clean
It's the prize of all the nation
The prettest place I've ever seen

Where the burds sing so sweetly
Wake you up in the early dawn
And the dogwood blossoms blowing
Make you glad that you were born
And you're met with hearty welcome
Makes you feel so good and then
The flowers now bloom in dear old Dixie
And it's spring time once again

In the woods you might go strolling
Picking flowers along the way
Then again you could go fishing
Take your lunch and spend the day
It's a dream the world may envy
And I hope it never ends
The folwers now bloom in dear old Dixie
And it's apring time once again

* Refrain