Just as far as I can remember
She'll remain the rose of my heart
Mom took sick along in December
February brought us broken hearts
The reason we've not called a family reunion
We knew you wouldn't be there
But since we thought in all over mom
We know your spirit is there

Oh, we can't forget the hour
You're the only one mom
And sweeter that the flowers
Oh no, there's no use to brother
To speak of you now would only hurt fahter

It looked so good to see us together
But I had to look after dad
Oh mom, as I passed by your coffin
I didn't want to remember you dead
They all gathered round, I stared at their faces
All heads were bowed mightly low
But htat was one time we all had to face it
Though it hurt us so bad, you know

* Refrain

Oh no, mom I'll never forget you
And someday I'll meet you up there