Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals
Classic Bluegrass
Company: Rebel CD-1111

Sung in G on CD

[G] Well I motored into Houston, a town I'd seen before
I thought of an old Army pal of a thousand days or [D] more
I [C] found him on a [G] VA ward a [B7] lookin' mighty [Em] low
On the [C] far end of a long, long trip with not [D] many miles to [G] go

When I told him the Carolina Hills were calling back to me
He said I think I told you once I was born in Tennessee
If I could see those hills one time I'd die more easily
The he took my had and he bowed his head and this is what he said to me

[G] Take me with you to the mountains won't you please
let me walk the blue ridge, let me count a million [D] trees
[C] Houston ain't no place to [G] die and I'd be [Em] satisfied if I
Could [C] walk a little closer [G] to the sky in the [D] mountains won't you [G] please.

Well a pardon from a VA ward just ain't so easy won
But a good old friend and doctor there said it could be done
and in a little while with the road in our way underneath that Texas Sun
And we both knew in a day or two his race would be run

Well he'd talk awhile and he'd sleep a while and I drove with all I had
Right side Atlanta though he got to looking bad
Just keep right on a-truckin boys we'll make it now he said
When the blue Ridge came in sight a corpse is all I had.


Well there are songs that are not sung and words that are not read
But the lines that rhyme that are out of time still echo in my head
That dyin' in my footsteps sure beats that Houston bed.